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The Zillertal is one of the most variety-packed hiking destinations anywhere. It offers hikes ranging from easy to moderately difficult, close to the valley or an "easy" lift ride away.

The palette begins with hikes close to the picturesque valley floor, which, in contrast to other Tyrolean valleys, barely climbs at all, at least initially, only near Mayrhofen branching off into four side valleys: Zillergrund, Zemmgrund, Stillupgrund and Tuxertal.

Each of these hikes features sights and impressions reflecting the unique character of the area in questions.

Which means, whatever your taste in hiking, you are certain to find something that will appeal to you - the mountain is calling!

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Mountainbiking ... 27 gears, breathtaking views and more than 800km of marked cycle trails across the Zillertal. There are more than 30 different tours, starting with easy trails between Strass and Mayrhofen with a length of 40km. The Zillertal Cycling Map is a good companion on long cycling trips.

 Climbing......The bizarre rock formations and steep rock faces found in the Zillertal Alps National Park provide pure excitement for climbing enthusiasts. Alpinists equipped with rope, pickaxe and crampons will find perfect summit tours.

Swimming.......Fun, action and adventure - the Zillertal offers numerous swimming baths and bathing lakes. Water - the source of life. Enjoy the magnificent open air swimming pools and bathing lakes; it's refreshing and fun for young and old.

The Sport- & Recreationpark "Sommerwelt Hippach" and the Adventure bath Mayrhofen with giant slide and "Crazy River"

Rafting at the Ziller..........Get into the boat and experience the force of the element white water! Ride with your friends over waves and rollers, experience the force of hard water and work as a team in order to conquer the river.

Canyoning........Investigate the race and the strength of the water of the last millennia with slides, jumps and abseiling in thundering waterfalls in a landscape which would always remain unattainable on normal ways. Canyoning is thrills and fun in a naturally created world of experience.

Tubing....Going down a river on a truck tyre is actually nothing new, our fathers already did it 30 years ago. We have only rediscovered it again. We take a trip down the fantastic and wild river Zemm.